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What's this here website about, anyway?

You made it!  Here's my offer to you - I'd like you to enjoy the images on this site for enjoyment sake.  But I'd also to offer more.

Specifically, I want to make every image here available to you for any purpose you may see fit, whether for profit or for personal use, for free.  What does that mean?

  1. You can download images for use on social media.

  2. You can download images for use in any business purpose.

  3. You can download images for use in in any graphic arts you at be working on.

  4. Bottom line - I'm imposing no restrictions.  

What do I ask in return?

  1. I will apply ads to my site.  Out of courtesy, please don't use ad blockers.  

  2. When you use an image, if you wouldn't mind - please reference my name and site (Dave Meckler,

  3. Share the site with everyone.  

Questions you may have - 

  1. If you have requests for new images, please ask.  Who knows?  Maybe I'll visit Azerbaijan in the future.

  2. How do I download?  Click on the picture you want so it opens to its largest size.  Then take a screen print or right-click/save-as.

  3. What if I need a larger image?  Contact me at  Let me know the picture you need and the purpose.  I will then send you a full-size jpeg.  

Any other caveats?  Well, yes.  When it comes to using pictures that contain people or landmarks, use common sense.  There are rules about their usage and any action you take for business reasons shouldn't include images of people without their consent.  I'm merely providing the images for you.  You need to do the right thing.  

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